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CPA Provides Free Services

FrankGuttaCPA.com has realized the need of consumers for tax assistance without adding to their headaches. By giving the consumers a free consultation, IRS problems can be approached by the 25-year expertise of the firm.

Fixed Fees to be Considered in Firms

In this time being, lawyers and accountants have been billing people on a commission basis or in a per hour basis. The FOFA (Future of Financial Advice) reform has been fighting for a fixed fee implementation and influencing these professionals to do the same.

Accountant Siphoned Off $12 Million in Five Years

Timothy Rodkin, a former financial controller at Elekta Canada, Inc., was sentenced to five years in prison for committing fraud over US$5,000 and breach of cognizance.

Tax Calculator Revealed!

The American Institute of CPAs released a new calculator online that only costs you to input a few basic information then automatically gives the estimated yearly tax that you are paying for.

2012 Competition: Getting the IMA Cites Certification Edge

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ 2012-2013 recently released Occupational Outlook Handbook has said that jobs for accountants and auditors are expected to rise up to 16% from 2010 – 2020.

Questionable Expenses at Ransom to be Verified by a $7,500 Forensic Accountant

On Wednesday, the supervisors of Ransom paid out a lumpy sum of $7,500 to hire a forensic accountant, who is expected to investigate 5 years of records.

New Faces for the Management Team of First Financial Service Corporation

First Financial Service Corporation has welcomed two new faces to be part of the executive management team on Wednesday.

Accounting Companies Grow Despite UK’s Double-dip Recession

Within 2 straight quarters, the economic status of the UK has experienced recession. With this stated, it is important for business owners to be careful and strict on what they spend on in their companies.

Accountant Pleaded Guilty and Ordered to Pay $42,000

Ian Leslie Stevenson, a Tauranga accountant, has been found guilty of wrong practices and is facing a penalty of $42,889 to the institute’s disciplinary tribunal.

Big Four Auditors Welcome China’s Rule to Localize Firms

Realizing the need to establish its local businesses to be able to compete with the internal players, China has asked the global auditing firms to put licensed accountants in charge of the company’s operations.

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