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Accounting Abuses Detected by Advanced Technology

The issue concerns “gray areas” in the industry’s rules, which fall under the category of “earnings management.” The commission under the leadership of George Canellas will closely examine publicly traded companies who might take advantage of these rules to inflate true earnings.

Accountants Now Need Non-Accounting Skills

The accounting profession is about so much more than that which meets the eye. Just as the bedside manner of a fine physician subtly marks his or her over all effectiveness, being skilled with numbers and knowledgeable about tax laws and loopholes is only part of the total good-accountant...

Colour Accounting: Reading and Understanding Financial Information

Colour Accounting training refers to a method of learning about business in a different way. All businesses require some sort of accounting structure but not every businessperson understands accounting.

Accounting: The Language of Business

The language of business is based on numbers, which are ubiquitous in every culture known to man. The earliest abacus ever found dates back to 300 BC on the Greek island of Salamis. This rudimentary counting tool was known throughout the ancient world, eventually giving way to...

The CPA Glass Ceiling: Shattered By Women Who Shine

Despite some progress, women becoming accountants has always been an uphill climb, as a glass ceiling was soon installed. But as Helen Reddy once sang, ”… I am woman hear me roar in numbers too big to ignore,” so did female accountants who politely but steadily sang their own...

The IRS vs. Google Over US Taxes

Money may only be part of the issue here, but the world’s most powerful search engine provider is beginning to sound more and more like the late Leona Helmsley and her reviled statement about “it’s only the little people who have to pay taxes.”

Accounting The Way It Used To Be

Those seeking professional services like accounting and construction are still looking for the same qualities as their grandparents did, despite whatever new marketing techniques may have been developed over the years.

Accounting and Agriculture: Do They Mix?

Accounting and agriculture for example, or AgAccy as it is officially known to students, presents a way to apply the principles of accounting to the production and processing of the agricultural industry.

Do Accountants Inspire or Discourage Innovation?

. In the case of a company that executes a program of “overly cautious” accounting, the reaction to losses is dealt with immediately instead of spreading the after-effects over the course of a few years.

Governmental Accounting Standards Board Names New Chairman

A state auditor since 2003, Vaudt has had a varied and highly responsible background. The auditor for Iowa’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and Single Audit Report, he served in a supervisory capacity on the annual audit which encompassed more than 200 cities, counties,...

The CPA Exam of the Future: Improvements and Proposals

Everything is still undecided and in the process of review by the Board of Examiners. The new formats and skill specifications are expected to be the most significant since the uniform exam was first introduced.

Accounting Class Action Lawsuits Increased

According to a study from Cornerstone Research. Fewer class-action lawsuits alleging accounting improprieties were filed last year in the United States, but those that were settled in 2012 carried a higher price tag,

Online accounting Guide

Naturally, the popular services are aware of these risks, and take steps to protect their customers. In Xero, KashFlow and FreeAgent, all transactions between your PC and the server are encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption – the same sort of encryption used by...

Accounting Body Cash Gap Needs U.S. Contribution

The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and the U.S. Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) is trying for years to end disagreements on how to compromise. But the IASB says the performance of the U.S. with its contributions creates doubts on adjusting to the...

Accounting Firms Marketing Changes

In Cayman Island, Raich Ende Malter & Co. LLP expands and now operates as Raich Ende Malter (Cayman). Meanwhile in California, HMWC CPAs & Business Advisors, Tustin, was entitled “Patriotic Employer.” This firm has been known as employer support of the Guard and Reserve, and...

Crowe Horwath Accountants Retires

Bob Perry-Smith and Sue Cordonnier have been known veterans of the Crowe Horwath LLP and recently they have announced their retirement from the firm.

Ideas Come in Business When You Consult an Accountant

When a company has been lacking innovation, then probably this is due to having fiscally conservative financial officers and play-safe CEOs.

Male Versus Female Accountants

This year, it has been a close fight between the salaries of male and female chartered accountants who are under 30 years old. Females are now earning £48,500 compared to the £50,200 earned by their male counterparts.

Peak Into the Accountants’ IRS Spoof

Just when you think accountants are no fun, the IRS misspends $60,000 on more than the usual IRS training, leadership and professional development conference and had tried making fun through a Star Trek Parody.

Expansions to Pennsylvania for General Star

General Star Management Co. has been known for its program, Pearl Insurance. His Peoria Ill based program has served as the sole and exclusive choice for General Star in over 28 states. Now it has reached out into Pennsylvania with the same liability program and admitting more...

Stars That has the Best Accountant’s Guide

Eva Mendez, one of the famous hot actresses will never have problems with regards to her finances. She can get the best advice and the most dedicated accounting services and do you know why? Because her mother is an accountant!

Barbados Accountants V.S. Rihanna

Rihanna seems to be having some trouble with some accountants. After encountering some problems with her former accountant last year, as she claims that those accountants made money out of her concert tours and mismanaged her finances, she now faces another international lawsuit.

What An Accountant Does and What Its All About

A 34 year old consultant and entrepreneur has been interviewed by Sunday world to talk about what it means to build his own accounting firm. In the interview, he explains the challenges and elaborates on what accountants like him does.

Mardi-Gras-Massages Gives Relief To Tax Payers

IRS Taxpayer Advocate Franz Kafka said that US tax code is 14 times as long as the collected novels; it’s at almost 4 million words. It underwent multiple changes, 4,680 to be exact since 2001.

Unsolved Case of Waverly Accountant

Police are seeking the assistance of the public as they proceed with the investigation of the murder of a Waverly accountant.

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