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Steal and be Convicted in San Angelo

Hard-earned money of 76 year-old construction contractor Dayton Harper was easily slipped away at his expense.

Significance of Having a Good Accountant

Having a good accountant is important because it can lead a business to its success or to its failure.

TAACCCT Federal Grant and Compliance Accountant Position

Are you looking for a job as an accountant in a school? Then here is one that could catch your attention. The Tyler Junior College, an accredited school that aims to bring the best academic education within the changing environments.

Miracle Accountant and Corruption

Solicitor John Gerathy is one of the witnesses in an independent commission against corruption.

Secrets of U.S. Sequester Revealed

Michael Granof, a well-known accountant teacher in a well-known business school called McCombs School of Business, has recently made a move of revealing the issues of the U.S. debt and states his opinion about it.

Cuddling Accountants

Although accountants are very serious professionals, they are still considered human who need all the help and benefit they get from cuddling!

Best Accountant in First Citizens

Appointing a title as Chief accounting officer is not just an easy poll to show off, it requires the best to lead and to take that role.

Accountants Gives Tips For Book Keeping

A lot of entrepreneurs just keep in mind the financial details of their business.

Accountant's Global Economic Conditions Survey

According to a survey of 1,994 finance professionals around the world, the global business marginally dropped in the last quarter of 2012. 43% of the global respondents have decreased levels of business confidence, which shows an increase from 41% in Q3, while only 19% was reported...

The Support of Accountants to SME's

Governments, regulators, and various interest groups were advised by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants to initiate policies that will help small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) become more efficient and environmental-friendly.

TaxAssist Gives A Piece of Advice

There are 750,000 small business owners missing the January 31 tax deadline that’s why they are urged to file right away to avoid further fines.

Stanford Accountants, 20 Years in Prison

Gilbert Lopez, 70, former chief accounting officer of R. Allen Stanford, and Mark Kuhrt, 40, Lopez’ former controller were sentenced to 20 years in prison for helping to conceal Stanford’s $7 billion Ponzi scheme.

Delayed Taxes

For early tax payers, expect that the refund check to come little late this year. This is due to the congressional wrangling over tax reform that kicked of 2013. It was because of the last-minute compromise that led to the American Taxpayers Relief Act of 2012. The Internal...

Climate Change Risks Government According to Accountants

After failing to recognize that global climate change has a great level of risk to the nation’s fiscal health, there a number of probable scenarios that may have led the Government Accountability Office to finally notice it.

Institute of Public Accountants Launched Digital Hub

www.pubacct.org.au is a new digital hub launched by the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) for the interest of IPA members, the accounting practitioners, and the public. Through this hub, IPA intends to get in touch with the accounting profession, as well as consumers of accounting,...

Accountant Charged of $25,000

In Mount Pleasant, Police say $25,000 was embezzled by an employee from Smith and Son’s Meat Packing. According to the Isabella Country sheriff, the employee identified as Stephanie Lynn Lyon, 34, who was accused on three felony charges of embezzlement of $20,000 or more, forgery...

Teachers, Accountants and Webtools

Andrew Spinner, an accountant who left his job for a multinational firm last October. He was a son of a Windsor elementary school teacher and has always been interested by how technology and education can be used together. After high school he left Windsor to study business at...

Fiscal Cliff Makes Planning Uncertain for Accountants

The higher taxes have indeed given accountants more reason to have headaches. Add those deep federal spending cuts to it and you now have a fiscal cliff.

4 Useful Accountant Tools That Won Over Many

Accounting is a difficult field to tackle and accountants in this era are lucky enough to have a few tools that would help them achieve and fulfill their duties. Below are 4 tools that most accountants use and find useful in their everyday work:

Reader’s Choice Award for Accountants

Readers of CPA Practice Advisors made their pick already for the magazine’s 2-13 Reader’s Choice Awards and they have picked Avalara.

Expansion Beyond Accounting – What’s there for Wave?

Wave, a website that is well known to the public as a free cloud-based accounting product maker, has recently made some changes in its branding.

Formal Amendments by the IRS

A temporary repair has been announced recently by the Internal Revenue Service regarding the Capitalization regulations.

Lil Wayne and His $7.72 Million Tax Liens

The famous rapper named Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. or also known as Lil Wayne recently paid millions of dollars to the IRS, specifically $7.72 million, for his outstanding tax liens.

A Brief Look at the 6 Fields of Accounting

Accounting has a long and storied history, but it’s more than just spending hours over tax returns and crunching numbers. Despite the many different methods and practices, there are six different fields of accounting that govern all of them.

Practice with a Software

Commercial Logic Inc. is an accounting practice consulting service and software provider. Recently released, their company now offers PowerPM practice Management software which allows firms to have an access of the database anytime, anywhere.

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