Pit Bull on Accountant’s Staff

Stephanie Gibney is the owner of the firm Accounting 4 DC. She first started out consulting while working an additional full time job, but eventually turned to her firm full time. 

The office receptionist is a bit out of the norm. Nino the pit bull greets clients. Gibney claims he has a calm demeanor which is very soothing to her team during tax time.

The firm is run out of Gibney’s townhouse and she has some great insight into areas where individuals and businesses could make their lives easier when it comes to accounting.

She dislikes seeing receipts in shoe boxes at tax time. Gibney believes her clients should get a bookkeeper and she’s got one on staff if they need one. Gibney also says that a common mistake made by individuals at tax time is when they are filling out withholding forms. Many don’t fill them out properly. She recommends that new business owners should prepare and annual budget and be prepared to make estimated tax payments throughout the year rather than being shocked by a large payment at tax time.

Accounting 4 DC puts a cap on the number of clients they take on. They see a big increase in requests at tax time. They work with three outsource accounting/controller clients per year. Each November they take on one new pro-bono client.


Posted on December 26, 2013 at 10:00 AM